A beginner’s guide to PPC paid marketing

A beginner's guide to PPC paid marketing

In the recent posts we discussed the details of how to make Inbound Marketing work for your business, and also explained Outbound Marketing, where we elaborated on the pros and cons of each.

Today, we’re going to discuss pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, which is a type of online marketing that allows advertisers to buy ad placements and pay a fee every time someone clicks on their ad.

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Overall, we will show you how (and when!) it makes sense to include pay-per-click marketing in your overall growth strategy.

My approach to Inbound Marketing

My approach to Inbound Marketing

In this post we’ll look at the importance of Inbound Marketing in promoting a company’s product / service (called “product” for the rest of this blog post):

Table of Contents

Additionally, there is also a Inbound Marketing Plan Template that you can download and use, for free!

Download my Free Template for an “Inbound Marketing Plan”.
Fast track your Inbound Marketing plan by downloading the free template here.

So let’s get going:

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